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Even a Leaf: a book about the gift of life

Written and illustrated by Shelly Hehenberger, 36-page hardcover picture book for all ages, printed in USA 2018.

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At the bottom of this page, read five-star reviews and watch a narrated video presentation of the story. Comes with a free companion coloring book.

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 Amazon Reviews Submitted by Buyers of this Book:

Matt C: I am a huge fan of Shelly Hehenberger’s work, and this book does not disappoint. Her illustrations are beautiful (as always!) and the story flows from a wonderful heart stealthily offering life lessons (no spoilers here!).

Ronnie C: I bought this book for my yet-to-be born great grandchild. The illustrations are beautifully done and the story is simple and meaningful. I am so excited thinking about giving this book!!

Patricia B: The gorgeous illustrations and thought provoking message about the celebration and gift of life, will leave readers with hope and calmness about life’s journey. Each beautiful page brings a wonderful scene in nature in which we all have a deep connection. You will be inspired to take a hike in the woods and connect with nature after reading “Even a Leaf”, by Shelly Hehenberger!

Lewraine G: This is a treasure of a book. The illustrations are beautiful and the text tells a simple story that holds a deep message for all ages. Shelly Hehenberger is an artist with a vision.

Lois B: Shelly Hehenberger’s book is lovely!! The art is beautiful. The importance of the life of something as small as a leaf provides a wonderful introduction to nature and the circle of life. The book provides food for discussion with readers of all ages. I’ve bought copies for all my nieces and have no doubt they will be treasured.

Sam N: I purchased a copy of this book and was delighted by the beautiful illustrations and the lovely story. I plan to share this book with a very artistic granddaughter. I think it will be great inspiration for her endeavors.

Richard Z: I have been a big fan of Shelly’s work for a long time. Her art hangs in our church, at my previous employer (SAS Institute), and in my home. I am so happy to see her share her talents in a book about the journey of life. It is a wonderful story with beautiful illustrations that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

Mary V: Lovely telling of how all living things, even those that seem insignificant, are essential. The illustrations reinforce the story by layering simple shapes with complex patterns and textures that beautifully express the solid and liquid qualities of the natural world.

Trudy T: The layering of imagery is so delightful, and each page unfurls before you eyes. It is a touching story.

Jackie H: This beautifully written and illustrated book gives pause to the seasons of life, and reveals the delicate balance of our planet Earth.

Arianna B: A really tender and touching book on the seasons of life which will be loved by both children and adults. Simply beautiful!